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about us

Great music, a universal license and total security!

Keyframe Audio brings together the best royalty-free music direct from the studios of top film composers in Hollywood and Europe and gives you total digital copyright clearance protection.

What makes Keyframe Audio different from other music licensing

Our catalog offers music from some of today’s top film and television composers. You have heard their music in major productions, brand campaigns and YouTube channels. Now let their music drive your next video.

By staying focused on our goal to empowear creators and true to our philosophy

Keyframe Audio was built by composers and creators who have worked in the film scoring industry for decades. We are based in the heart of Los Angeles and understand great filmmaking and what the perfect song means to video.

No matter the size of your audience and no matter the size of your

We believe that every videographer and film creative should have access to the very best music for their productions. So, we have opened up the catalogs of major composers and given you an all access pass.

A Real License

We are not a third party licenser or middle man. With Keyframe Audio, you get your music license directly from the exclusive copyright owner and are covered across all video broadcast platforms worldwide. With a Keyframe Audio subscription you will never have to worry about the integrity of your license.

The Total Sound Production Solution

Our curated catalog includes over 50,000 (and growing) exclusive tracks, cues and sfx in every style, mood, theme and feel. With so much music and SFX to choose from we have packed Keyframe with features to find, organize and share your music inside your personal Music Page.

You can integrate Keyframe directly into your workflow and easily find everything you need for your project.

Professional Standards

Keyframe Audio is music licensing for professionals who are serious about the quality of their productions, serious about IP rights and deadly serious about clearance worldwide. It’s your film, your video, your creation. Trust Keyframe Audio to keep you covered.

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